Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The Jetset Jumpsuit
Limited Edition Clutch
Young Hollywood Sandals

LE americana

Limited Edition Top, Pants and Bag
Decades Shoes
Chanel Hung Up Blazer 

Uniform fashion top
Bonjour Bizou shoes
9 to 5 glasses
Hot Hot Buys pants
Bunny Hope bag
Mr. scarf
Keshan graphic lips
RIO blazer


Melbourne Tribute Blazer
Zuhair Murad Blouse
LE Pants
Moschino Belt
Young Hollywood Bag
Museum Mile Shoes

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Blue Stripes

LE  cardigan
Original Future blouse
PPQ skirt
Chanel bag
Nelly boots

Monday, August 17, 2015


Basics T-shirt
Bunny Hop Jeans Sneakers Bag
Graphic Hat
Balmain T. + Graphic Blazer
Dior mirrored Graphic Sunglasses
PPQ Necklace

Inspired: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Greek chic

It Girls shirt and skirt
Special Offer sweater
Callie's Picks bag and shoes 


Nelly top
The jet set jeans
LE stilletos
Callie Pick's coat
Graphical bag

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Givenchy X Balmain

Young Hollywood Dress
Young Hollywood Booties
Young Hollywood Choker
Limited Edition Clutch
Inspired Givenchy Jewelry by missiwantitall
Nails Inspired by Claws by coolcookie22011 


It Girls hat and bag
Bonjour Bizou top
Mebourne Minimalist shoes
Basic cardigã and pants

Bronw /Gold


Contemporary Girl

Olá pessoal! 
O meu nome é Tânia aka Bottega, tenho 21 anos e jogo Stardoll já há alguns anos. Adoro moda, e é por isso que estou aqui!
A minha primeira outfit, espero que gostem:
Boardwalk Jacket- Rio
Steel Grey Pencil Skirt - Pretty n' Love
Americana Tote -LE
Khaki Strappy Stilettos


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gray Shades

Young Hollywood Jacket Blouse
Velvet Orchid Pants
Limited Edition Belt
Limited Edition Clutch
Stardesign by SerenaBWaldorf  Bag
Limited Edition Stilettos


LE blouse
Giambattista Valli trousers
LE clutch
Special Offer belt
Pretty n'Love heels

Street style

The Jetset sweater top² and shirt at the waist
Basic pants
PIX bag
Special offer shoes

Friday, August 14, 2015


LE top
Rio heels
It Girls skinnies
Callie's Picks bag
Spectacular! sunnies

California Girl

Limited Edition Top, Shorts and Purse
Rio Socks
Wild Candy Couture Shoes 

Militar cute

It Girls dress jacket and glasses
Valentino bag
Mebourne Minimalist shoes

Girls Fall Like Dominoes

Special Offer blouse
Callie Picks dress
RIO cloak
Basics sneakers
Fendi Tribute bag
MM (decor) Cup of coffee

S t r e e t

Callie's Picks Coat
Limited Edition Dress
Young Hollywood Heels
Callie's Picks Bag
Fendi Keychain

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Fever bag
The JetSet bells
Graphic scarpin
Denim & Supply sweater
Melbourne Minimalism jacket
Epiphany ear pendents and ring


Melbourne Minimalism  shoulder jacket
It Girls dress
The jet set clutch
The jet set sunglasses
The jet set sandals

Sweet Talker

Callie's Picks coat
Bonjour Bizou sweater
Callie's Picks collared top
It Girls skirt
Bunny Hop (free) bag
Pretty n'Love heels

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Run Away With Me.

Callie's Pick's dress
Callie's Pick's coat
The Jet Set clutch
YH  high heels

Black Fuzzy

Decades top
Fallen Angel vest
Dior pants
Callie's Picks bag
Denim & Supply RL hat
Velvet Orchid stilettos